Seize Your Future with Cost-saving and Customized Health Insurance Plans 

What’s holding you back from what you want to accomplish as a broker?

Are you afraid you won’t be able to offer your clients everything they need? Scared that another broker might suddenly step in to replace your business? Worried that you won’t be able to achieve the future you dream of? Stop letting your fears hold you back. Add EVHC’s cost-saving and customizable health insurance plans to your portfolio.

As part of the AssuredPartners family, we offer partially self-funded plans that give your clients complete control over their health insurance–and give you total control over your destiny.

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With EVHC, you get:

Add EVHC to your portfolio–and seize your future.

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Case Studies

Learn how EVHC helped one broker create a custom partially self-funded plan that helped their business and saved their client money.


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