Finding a health insurance program to fit your small business can be frustrating. It’s like fitting a square peg into a round hole, with no perfect fit. You want to attract and retain staff to remain competitive, but how can you afford the high premiums of a traditional health plan? How can you put money aside to grow your business, yet protect your valued staff members?

As a small business, you’re unique. Your growing company needs a plan that fits your employee demographics and your budget. Self-funding or other alternative plans might be the perfect option for your growing firm. Why?

At EVHC, we offer the next step in customized healthcare plans. We have a selection of PPO, Pharmacy, and wellness benefits that fit your company’s profile. We have access to traditional insurers and reinsurers, so we can craft a unique health insurance plan that fits your small business needs.

Under a traditional health insurance plan, you have little control. You are subject to the demographics of a large group, with many different people and companies, and you have little input or control over the performance of that plan.

But we believe the sheer size of your workforce should not determine whether you can have health insurance or not. You put your business together using creativity and planning, and that’s how we work, too.

How Self-funded Healthcare Works for Small Business:

First, we’ll look at the benefits you want to offer, your budget, and your organizational goals. We have access to the best PPO networks and pharmacy benefits – just like the big companies do – at great rates. And because we know you don’t have time to waste with administering your plan, we integrate with many HRIS and payroll programs. Great access. Less time. Lower overhead.

We don’t stop there. Your plan will have access to Tele-Medicine resources, Utilization Management, Integrated Wellness, Risk Management, Case and Disease Management. Why? Because you’re in control of your plan and you need the tools to help you manage it, with expert resources just a call away.

Finally, we know you have an eye for numbers, and so do we. Our Plan Performance reporting will show where you’re headed, how much you’ve saved, and where you can improve. Unlike a traditional health insurance plan you can’t control, you’ll see the outcome of your efforts. Our reports show how a customized plan that you design will support your growing firm.

Ultimately, we want to make sure you and your employees are well served. That’s why we offer 24/7 phone service to MyNurse, TeleDoc, and lifestyle coaching. Your staff will get the support they need to address their personal and family-related health concerns.

If you’re frustrated with your current health insurance options, self-funded insurance may be the right fit for you. Customized plans designed to fit your budget and supported with expert advice are at the core of what we do.

No small business should ever be too small for excellent healthcare. Contact EVHC today! Let’s discuss small business options.


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