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In a recent survey, the broker community revealed their primary reason for pursuing self-funded healthcare products for their clients in 2021. The results are in and EVHC hears you loud and clear!

The latest Healthcare Turnkey Solutions Broker Survey results point to increased opportunities in the self-funded market heading into 2021. According to the survey, 94% of brokers have clients asking for information about self-funded plans (if you’re part of the 6% of brokers yet to explore self-funding options for your clients, what are you waiting for?).

Brokers pursuing self-funded and alternatively funded options (like referenced-based pricing and captives) say the main reason for entering the self-funded market was for market growth opportunities. 1 in 2 brokers surveyed indicated that gaining insight into self-funded products was a top priority for employers today.

RGA’s survey reflects input from some of the largest brokerage firms in the industry. Here’s what they had to say about the future of self-funding:

  • 100% of brokers site “market growth opportunities” as their primary reason to enter the self-funded market
  • Brokers reported the overall strength of the provider network is the primary success factor
  • 1 in 3 brokers are looking for a complete suite of outsourced products and services ranging from quoting and proposals to administration.

As the demand for self-funded healthcare products continues to grow, EVHC understands what brokers need to succeed in this competitive market because we’re more than just a healthcare plan – we’re a strategic partner who’s with you every step of the way.

Market Growth Opportunity

100% of survey respondents selected “market growth opportunity” as the primary reason for entering the self-funded market. The second reason was to retain current clients considering self-funding. Either way you look at it, self-funding is essential to your professional growth. EVHC is a strategic partner willing to go the extra mile to help brokers grow their business. Read about how we help brokers succeed when introducing self-funded options to employers.

Strength of Provider Network

According to the survey, brokers view network strength and competitive rates as equally important. The EVHC difference gives brokers access to the very best components – including online benefit management tools, pharmacy benefits, and the largest PPO networks in the country. EVHC plans are as unique as your client’s workforce.

A “Just Add Water” Approach

1 in 3 brokers are looking for a self-funded partner to do the heavy lifting. From quoting and presenting to stop-loss placement and consultative services, EVHC ensures a “Just add water” approach to self-funding.


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