BUCA?  Is that a new form of digital currency?  An Italian restaurant chain?

No. BUCA affects nearly 170 million lives in the U.S.  But you might not be sure who they are or what they do, even though they dramatically affect your business as a healthcare broker and your clients.

In this article, get a good understanding of what BUCA stands for and see how the healthcare landscape has changed. As premiums continue rising, your clients (employers) seek relief from the high-cost, limited healthcare plan options…and there is a solution.

BUCA stands for:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shied
  • UnitedHealth Group
  • Cigna
  • Aetna

BUCA controls the lion’s share of the healthcare insurance market affecting employees, retirees, veterans and union members for over 150 years:

Health Insurance Payor Year Founded People Served (millions)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield/Anthem 1929 69.8
UnitedHealth Group 1977 45.7
CIGNA 1982 15.9
Aetna 1853 37.9

Despite the prevalence of BUCA, you probably find that your clients aren’t happy.  They feel like their choices are limited to high-cost plans that don’t meet the needs of their employees. Their costs are out of control and they consider drastic options.  And that’s frustrating for them – and you.  How can you help your clients and grow your business?

That’s where a supportive self-funding company can help.  You can still have access to many of the BUCA networks and your clients won’t recognize a change in their providers.  Self-funded and partially self-funded plans offer alternatives to the traditional plan approaches that are based solely on BUCA, fully-funded plans.  How to do it? Focus on the 4 C’s to better serve your clients – and grow your business.

  • Concierge Services
  • Customized Plans
  • Consultative Support
  • Cost Savings

We know that self-funded plans may be new to you and your clients.  That’s why a plan, such as EVHC’s self-funding, offers Concierge Services to lead you through the process of understanding self-funded plans, offering one-on-one service and support.  Brokers and clients appreciate the human touch, and that they don’t get “lost” in a labyrinth of departments, divisions, and time zones.

Customized Plans is the main attraction for a self-funded plan.  Your clients have a unique set of employees, demographics, and budget constraints to work within, and their health plan should be tailored to these needs.  You can now offer unique plans that meet your clients’ goals without trying to fit them into a BUCA cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all plan.

Are you interested, but need to show your expertise in front of your client?  No problem.  Look for a self-funded plan with Consultative Support.  Team up with a company that helps design presentations, analytics, and reports to meet the needs of your clients – CFO’s, HR Managers, and decision makers.  You can look like a hero with professional materials that are backed by solid informatics.  In short, someone’s got your back.

What does all this add up to?  Cost Savings.  We know that your clients are focused on the bottom line.  They’re probably tired of uncontrolled, double-digit premium increases – with few alternatives.  Your clients care about their employees but don’t want to take the drastic step of eliminating critical healthcare plans.  With our innovative, self-funding solutions, you can show them how to reduce premium costs, stay on budget, and feel in control of their plan

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As a broker, you grow your business by investing in your client’s success.  You demonstrate your expertise by offering innovative solutions your clients won’t find elsewhere.  If you’re ready to get started growing your business and learning more about customizable, cost-saving self-funded plan options for your clients, contact EVHC


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